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Mexico Food Tours | Vancouver Food Tours | Parras, Coahuila Wine Tours | Event planner in Vancouver | Summer Camps in Vancouver | Learn English in Vancouver | By Hannah Enkerlin

“Increasingly, travellers are foregoing see everything, do everything vacation junkets for micro travel: focused, less frantic itineraries that concentrate on limited experiences. Let’s take your EXPERIENCE from Good to Great!

I’m (Hannah Enkerlin) a devotee of small, personal and concentrated travel. Travel shouldn’t be a chore. With the fast pace of modern life, we want our leisure time to be calmer, more meaningful, refreshing and relaxing. We want to renew and rejuvenate in a few days”.

Lifelong learning is important and even better, it can be fun. At any age! Ask us for schools were you can learn or improve your English or Spanish language. Two of the top 5 most spoken languages in the World.

Have you spent time in Parras, Coahuila? First Wine Region in The Americas?
Have you participated in a Beauty & The Beach Retreat in Tofino, B.C.?
Have you booked a Family Summer Camp in one of Canada’s islands?
Have you hiked through Cinque Terre’s five small coastal villages, listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List?
Have you visited the Holocaust Memorial in Vienna, also known as the Nameless Library?
Have you strolled through The Antonio Gaudi Foundation in Barcelona and stayed at The Serras Barcelona, the first studio of Pablo Picasso?
Hannah Enkerlin explores how to find a deeper, more rewarding appreciation of each destination.

Curated vacations with a focus on local culture and cuisine can range from a Food Tour to learning how to make a Paloma with artisanal Tequila. They can also mean practicing yoga and Pilates in a Plaza and challenging yourself with Boot Camp (fun workouts) while bonding with others (who share the same passion for health and fitness) as you climb countless steps to a small church to enjoy it’s serenity.

For Summer Camps in Canada, for Wellness & Wine Programs, for vacation homes in Merida or time-shares, for customized trips. We specialize in Mexico and Western Canada.

Let’s practice mindfulness, let’s achieve this state by focusing our awareness on the present. It is a Gift.


For travellers wanting to get beyond the superficial, the mass-produced, the mass-consumed, and the mass-experienced.
For travellers looking for the authentic in people, places and things. Our journey begins with a choice to get up, step out, and live fully.
Travel with me,
Hannah Enkerlin
/ Director